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Eid Message from The President of The World Federation of KSIMC

Updated on 12 March 2018

Salaam Alaykum and Greetings of Peace:

We have just witnessed the quick passing of the blessed month of Ramadan.Before we could realize it the month of hope and mercy where we were the special invited guests of Allah (swt) has just vanished like a blink of the eye.  What does that teach us? This is a lesson of the reality of life. In the same way, our transient life in this world will also pass away. The time that we are allocated in this world to make our Duniya and Akherat will pass away like a fleeting moment. Let us resolve to continue with the good practices established during this month. Let these good practices, such as looking after the needs of others, and avoiding all type of sins, become part of our life from now on.

On the day of Eid-ul-Fitr, Imam Ali (as) delivered a sermon in which he said:
“O people! Verily this day of yours is the day when the righteous are awarded and the wretched are losers. It is a day which is similar to the one on which you shall be standing (before your Lord). Therefore, when you come out of your homes to go to places of your prayer, remind yourselves about the day when you (your souls) shall come out of your bodies to go to your Lord. When you stand on places of your prayer, remind yourselves of your standing inthe presence of your Lord (on the day of Judgment). And when you return to your homes (after prayer), remind yourselves about your returning to your homes in Paradise. O Servants of Allah! Verily the minimum reward for those men and women who fasted (during Ramadan), is an Angel, who calls out to them on the last day of the month of Ramadan (saying): O SERVANTS OF ALLAH! REJOICE THE GLAD TIDING THAT ALL YOUR PREVIOUS SINS HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN…”

Eid-ul-Fitr is a unique festival. It has no connection with any historical event nor is it related to the changes of seasons or cycles of agriculture. It is not a festival related to worldly affairs in any way. Its significance is purely spiritual as it is the day when Muslims thank God for having given them the will, the strength and the endurance to observe the fast and obey His commandments during the holy month of Ramadan.

Alhamdulillah! May Allah bless us all and grant us the willingness and capacity to use this Eid as a lens to focus the sunlight of good works, which have shone brightly during Ramadan, to enlighten our way throughout this upcoming year until the next Ramadan and beyond.

Imam Ali (as) has defined Eid as ‘any day that is free of rebellion (or disobedience) against Allah swt.’ He is quoted  as saying “’Eid is for those whose fasts have been accepted and whose salaat are worthy of reckoning and every day when one does not commit a sin it is Eid”(Nahjul Balaghah,
Maxim no. 428)

The revelation of the Qur’an in this month was a great success, in that, amidst the surrounding darkness of the Jahiliyah period, among many things, this holy Book brought the light of ethical behaviour, morals, kindness and end of cruelty of burying female children alive. Let us resolve to continue reading, reciting, understanding, and applying the lessons of the Holy Quran. We at The World Federation are working on a program which will make it easier for the interested community members to understand the Qur’an better.

Imam Ali (as) gave one further formula for us to use always: “Remember Allah and He will remember you.” The Imam (as) explained that one who adheres to the commandments of ALLAH swt is protected by Him. So, the Imam (as) told his audience to give the fitra of the individuals and their
dependents. The Imam (as) continued his khutba reminding the congregation of the obligations, amongst so many others, that they have towards Allah (swt).

Imam Al-Ridha (as) said that Eid is a day of unity. Hence, it is a day to give thanks and reaffirm faith in His favors and praise Him. Eid day is the first day when eating and drinking is once again permitted during daylight hours. So, for the seekers of Truth, Eid Al Fitris the first day of the year.
In the qunut of the salatul Eid, Imam Al-Baqir (as), beseeches Allah (swt), where he sought that which ALLAH swt’s goodly souls wished to acquire from him, as well as protection from those matters that the goodly souls wished to be protected from.. Imam Al-Baqir (as) also reminded us of the sadness that accompanies the day of Eid, the sadness of the usurpation of the rights of the
Ahlul Bayt (as) and the violation of human rights.

The World Federation, with the support of the community, has stretched out to assist mo’meneen in about 18 countries by providing them with a decent meal during this holy month, as well as looking after their daily needs of necessities like clothing etc., However this goodwill has to be extended
beyond the holy month and we must persevere to raise their living standards so that they move away from being the needy to being the needless. This will be a continuous goal of The World Federation and for this noble cause I seek your continued and gracious support.

The Imam of our Time, Imam Al-Asr (atfs), has captured this sadness in the Du’a Nudbah (Supplication of Lamentation), which has been recommended to recite on Eid. The message of Eid Ul-Fitr is that no Muslim remains hungry on this day. It is a day that the rich and the poor enjoy happiness of the day, as the well-off give fitra to the less well off. The fitra ensures acceptance
of the fast as Imam Al-Sadiq (as) has explained that fasts remain suspended between the earth and the heavens until fitra is executed. The emphasis on fitra is so much that a family capable of giving just one person's fitra can rotate that self-same fitra among every member of that family and fulfill this
obligation. Indeed, a poor man receiving charity too should pay fitra from the sadaqat he receives. Thus, the rejoicing on the day of Eid is to obey Allah (swt) and serve humanity, the twin purport of Al-Islam that The Prophet (saw) defined for humanity.

As we witness nowadays, turmoil throughout the world, especially in the Middle East, has continued unabated. In fact it is sad to see that the virtuous standards and teachings of all of the basic religions of the world are violated. The essence of humanity is disappearing. We will continue to speak
out against injustice and use all means available to us to fight this fallacy. We urge the community to stand united in the face of this onslaught and resist any moves to disunite our closely integrated community. The challenge is to stay united, maintain our identity as one community while working within and among the greater Muslim and world community.

In conclusion a humble request to all of us to pray together to Allah (swt) to accept our noble deeds during this holy month and to make us continue the good work and practices attained in this blessed month. Ameen. On behalf of The World Federation I wish each and everyone of you a happy and prosperous Eid Mubarak.


Dr. Asgar Moledina

President, The World Federation of KSIMC

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Anwarali Dharamsi shares his Ramadhan message with the community.

Dear Community Members,

Salaamun Alaykum.

Firstly, on behalf of The World Federation, I would like to express my deepest condolences to all those who lost loved ones in the attacks over the weekend in Baghdad, Beirut and Paris.