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Girls Youth Camp at Khandala

Updated on 12 March 2018

The 3rd Youth Course for Girls aged 10 to 14 years was organised by The World Federation India Office from 23rd to 25th Dec 2014. 36 first time students attended the 2 days and 2 nights residential course and came from all over India, including Pune, Sangli, Bangalore and Gulbargah. One student specially flew down from Muscat for this course.

The course was supported by 6 mentors, 1 lady scholar and 2 support personnel. All the students were divided into 6 groups, each named after a title of Lady Fatimah (as).

The course was based on a schedule which was planned minutely considering students’ energy levels and tiredness at all times. Morning sessions included Yoga, Exercise, Sports and Discussions on Islamic Topics. Afternoons included Activity sessions, and Evenings included discussions on Social Topics.

Topics covered were: Masael of Buloogh, Taqleed, Hijaab, Friendship, Importance of a Balanced Diet, Savings, Islam & Science, Time Management, Wudhu and Salaah.  Assessments were carried out for all students by their respective mentors. Most of the topics were interactive and were presented using attractive slideshows to make them easy to understand. The language of instruction was English and Hindi.

There were craft sessions too which included Folder Making from waste materials and Money Box making. An activity session of food decoration and presentation showed the students’ creativity. All activities were planned to inculcate team spirit and unity amongst the participants.

Salaah were performed at awwale waqt and Azadari sessions were conducted at night in which the students were encouraged to recite nawhas and munajaats.  A Whatsapp group was formed to keep the parents updated on the activities being carried out.

At the end of the course awards were presented to the groups on the criteria of punctuality, hijab, unity etc. and an English Translation of the Holy Quran was presented to the best student of each group. A general feedback from most of the students was to have such sessions on regular basis and for more number of days.

Shaikh Komail Rajani, Head of Islamic Education Department says: “The World Federation India Office has successfully established its name in India in organising activities for the youth. The applications for this course were full within 3 days of its announcement! This was a big achievement in itself. Feedbacks from parents are still pouring in to appreciate the course. I thank the aalima and the mentors without whom this course would not have been such a great success. I pray to Allah (swt) to increase their tawfeeqat

Feedback from parents was enthusiastic and positive:

Mrs. Devjani: “Millions of thanks to the organisers, teachers and every member who put their effort in arranging this kind of camp, which Insha’Allah may change the perceptions of all the kids and guide them to a more successful life...”

Mrs Seema says: “The moment I met my daughter I could see a drastic change in her. Her way of talking, her tone, her interest towards Islam and over all happiness for praying…I found changes in her behaviour - she has become calm, more confident and more mature.”

Mrs. Zehra Mukhi says: “It was a wonderful youth camp experience for my daughter. Just a suggestion - can this camp be for above 18 as well? It was a beautiful experience for her and my elder daughter wants the same! Also other activities like trekking could have been included. I listened to her endless stories and was impressed that even details like wudhu and salaah were being assessed!”

For more information contact [email protected].

To donate towards the organisation of more such courses click here

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