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Madinah and Bab – Girls Daily Blog – Sunday 17th August, 2014

Updated on 12 March 2018

Today the 17th of August was a very tiring day but full of fun. It started with the difficult task of bidding farewell to Jamiatul Zahra which was almost like leaving our own homes. We will miss it a lot especially the Maadars who served us like their own children. Bidding them a farewell was an emotional scene.

Right after Fajr we left for Tehran. On the way to Tehran everyone was fast asleep when the bus did a sudden break and everyone woke up and we realized we were in Tehran at the place where Imam Khomeini is buried. We had an awesome breakfast outside followed by a lecture by Shaykh Kumail about Imam Khomeini right in front of the grave. We heard a lot of stories about him which inshallah will help us change spiritually as that is the main mission of these courses. 

Behishte Zahra was our next stop. It was beautiful in every way. It made us remember that one day we also have to go back to this ground so it is better that we depart with dignity. A lecture was given by Saiyid Hasan Rizvi which was quite informative. It was followed by some Nauhas from the boy’s side which was very emotional. Then the best part of Behishte Zahra was a grave which emitted a beautiful fragrance; it is said that it is because that person prayed Salaatul Layl a lot and recited Ziyarat e Ashura.

The day continued and we reached Burj Milad which is the 5th highest tower in the world.  As we entered everything was so beautiful especially the water fountains all over the place. Next we passed through a checking machine before we went up the tower. We were warmly welcomed by a staff member waiting for us in the elevator who took us to a Balcony on the top of the tower. Everything was so beautiful up there and we took loads of pictures. 

But still a thought was provoking our minds that the world is so huge with many people, yet not one of us is prepared for the return of our Living Imam (AFS). He is watching us and is ashamed of us as he doesn't expect anything from anyone except from his Shias. 

Well, the tour of the tower didn't end here as we were then taken to a wax museum in the tower where everything seemed so real but it wasn’t.

Please click here to view more photos

After this, we headed to airport and waited to board the plane.  In some way as we all had some rest, some were reading books and others were reading the holy Quran and the timed passed. We reached Mashhad safely Alhamdulillah and as we came out of the plane we felt the breeze of Mashhad which was beautiful and brought peace to our hearts. As we headed to our hotel, Sister Najiya who reminded us that we are in the holy city of Mashhad and we are soon going to see our 8th Imam! She also mentioned not to forget Imam Zamana (AS) in prayers.  

In spite of being so tired still everyone’s eyes were filled with tears and were wide open to catch the sight of the dome of Imam Reza's (AS) Haram. 

The bus stopped in front of our hotel where we were going to stay. After seeing it we took a sigh of relief as we thought we had reached at last and we had dinner and went to sleep while looking forward for our first visit to the Haram tomorrow.

Written by: Nida Shirazi from Dubai, UAE

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