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The World Federation India Office Organises a Leadership Development Programme

Updated on 12 March 2018

The World Federation India office in collaboration with KSI Jamaat, Mumbai organised a Leadership Development Programme (LDP) for the first time in India as part of their vision to develop spiritual and vibrant communities that serve humanity. The 4 day residential program was held from 28th February to 3rd March 2015 in Panchgani, India. A group of 28 participants consisting of doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers and housewives attended the programme. Dr Akber Mohammedali led the programme assisted by his co-facilitators Br. Yasin Rahim, Br. Shabbir Hussein Khalfan, Sis. Zinnat Mohammedali, Sis. Shama Dewji and Sis. Maria Pattinson.

The essence of the program was personal development, which led participants on a journey of self discovery to enhance themselves and in turn make a positive impact not only to the community but also to humanity at large. 

The modules covered during the programme were designed to help develop leadership skills, serve the community and fulfil one’s duty towards Allah (SWT).

The program was comprehensive and enlightening. Some of the concepts covered were:
  • Capacity vs Capability
  • Authenticity
  • Tolerance vs Respect
  • Faith in action
  • Understanding self through various parameters
  • Personal icebergs
  • Temperaments and interaction styles
  • Knowledge paradox
  • Understanding leadership styles
  • Development of leadership qualities and practices
  • Power of vision
  • Political intelligence

A separate module entitled Effective Communication was organised which consisted of team activities and innovative tasks.  This included t-shirts being handed out that presented different temperaments, bidding for a charitable organisation, and drawing your own vision. 

Mohsina Dodhiya, a participant of the LDP commented “In essence, after the programme, I've had a paradigm shift in my thoughts, outlook and approach to life. The concepts covered were revolutionary, thought provoking and have opened new avenues for me to explore. The facilitation was motivational, intellectual and non- judgemental. This programme has encouraged me to shed my inhibitions. It has made more optimistic, cheerful and confident not only to live in harmony but also to utilise my strengths to uplift my fellow human beings."

The facilitators were professional, dedicated, and passionate with each of them positivity touching the lives of the participants. 

The LDP concluded with each participant sharing one aspect of the course they had found most useful and providing feedback on what could be done to improve the course. 

The LDP has been a significant step towards positively changing the outlook of participants, shaping new leaders and taking the community forward in the right direction. The participants unanimously agreed that the programme was a revelation. It pushed them out of their comfort zone, took away a lot of myths around relationships (both in a personal and work context), and has now equipped them with tools useful to not only embrace their true selves but also unlock their potential to take them to new heights personally, professionally and spiritually.

Dr Aliraza Khunt, a participant of the course commented “The most important thing I enjoyed about the programme is that it is based on human values. Individuals can be categorised on the basis of their temperament and not on the basis of religion and beliefs system, and it really helps a lot to understand an individual and adjust with him or her. The team at The World Federation have done a great job crafting this course and I really appreciate their effort and hard work.”

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